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Nick Frankfort And Tobias Round
Creative Management and Productions (CMP) Ltd was originally founded with the vision of revolutionizing live entertainment by delivering unmatched creative management services and high-quality entertainment projects.

Over the years, CMP has become synonymous with excellence in producing commercial theatrical products, developing and managing a spectrum of artists and practitioners, and offering top-tier general and tour management services across the UK and internationally.

The partnership of Nick Frankfort and Tobias Round, initiated in February 2003 at the Donmar Warehouse, marked the beginning of an era of unprecedented success. Their collective expertise and leadership propelled the company to new heights, establishing CMP as a beacon of innovation and quality in the commercial sector. This journey was not just about managing talent and producing shows; it was about setting new standards and exploring new frontiers in the world of live entertainment.

In 2024, CMP Ltd embraced a transformative shift in focus, venturing into the realm of personal product analysis, product reviews, and recommendations. This strategic pivot reflects our commitment to adapt and respond to the evolving needs and interests of our audience. Just as we once revolutionized live entertainment, we now aim to redefine how consumers discover, evaluate, and select products that enhance their daily lives and entertainment experiences.
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